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1.         Z3211           碳钢用焊条
Covered electrodes for mile steel      

2.         Z3212           高强钢用焊条
               (Covered electrodes for bight strength steel)

3.         Z324            耐侯性钢用焊条
Covered electrodes for atmospheric corrosion resisting                      steel  

4.         Z3221           不锈钢用焊条
Stainless steel covered electrodes

5.         Z3221           钼及铬钼钢用焊条
Molybdenum steel and chromiumMolybdenum steel covered electrodes

6.         Z3224           镍及镍合金用焊条
Nickel and Nickel-alloy covered electrodes

7.         Z3231           铜及铜合金用焊条
Copper and copper alloy covered electrodes

8.         Z3232           铝及铝合金用焊条和焊丝
Aluminum and  Aluminum alloy welding rods and wire

9.         Z3233           惰性气体电弧用钨棒
Tungsten electrodes for inert gas shielded arc welding

10.     Z3241           低温钢用焊条
Covered electrodes for low temperature service steel

11.     Z3251           堆焊用焊条
Covered electrodes for hard facing

12.     Z3252           铸铁用焊条
Covered electrodes for cast iron

13.     Z3312           碳钢及高强钢MAG用实芯焊丝
MAG welding solid wires for mild steel and high strength steel

14.     Z3313           碳钢、高强钢及低温钢用气体保护焊和自保护电弧焊药芯焊丝
Flux cored wires for gas shielded and self- shielded metal arc welding and mild high strength steel and low temperature service steel

15.     Z3315           耐侯钢用CO2 气体保护焊实芯焊丝
               (Solid wires for CO
2 gas shielded are welding for atmospheric corrosion resisting steel)

16.     Z3316           碳钢及低合金钢TIG焊用焊条和焊丝
                (TIG welding rods and wires for mild steel and low ally steel)

17.     Z3317           钼钢及铬钼钢MAG焊用实芯焊丝
                (MAG welding solid wires for Molybdenum steel and chromium Molybdenum steel )

18.     Z3318           钼钢及铬钼钢MAG焊用药芯焊丝
               (MAG welding flux cored wises for Molybdenum steel and chromium Molybdenum steel )

19.     Z3319           气电立焊用药芯焊丝
               (Flux cored wires for Electrogas arc welding)

20.     Z3320           耐侯钢CO2 气体保护焊药芯焊丝
Flux cored wires for CO2 gas shielded arc welding of atmospheric corrosion resisting steel

21.     Z3321           不锈钢焊棒和焊条
Stainless steel welding rods and wires

22.     Z3322           不锈钢堆焊用焊带
Materials for stainless steel overlay welding with strip electrode

23.     Z3323           不锈钢药芯焊丝
Stainless steel flux cored wires

24.     Z3324           不锈钢埋弧焊用焊丝和焊剂
Stainless steel solid wires and fluxes for submerged are welding

25.     Z3325           低温钢MAG焊用实芯焊丝
MAG welding solid wires for low temperature service

26.     Z3326           电弧焊用药芯焊丝
Arc weding flux cored wires for hard facing

27.     Z3331           惰性气体保护用汰及汰合金焊棒和焊丝
                 (Titanium and Titanium ally rods and wires for inert gas shielded arc welding)

28.     Z3332           9%Ni TIG焊用填充焊棒和焊丝
                 (Filler rods and wire for TIG welding of 9%Nickel steel)

29.     Z333            9%Ni 钢埋弧焊丝和焊剂
                 (Submerged arc welding wires and fluxes for 9%Nickel steel)

30.     Z3334           电弧焊用镍及镍合金填充棒和填充丝
Nickel and Nickel ally filler rods and wires for arc welding

31.     Z3341           惰性气体保护电弧焊用铜及铜合金焊棒和焊丝
Copper and Copper ally rods and wires for inert gas shielded arc welding

32.     Z3351           碳钢和低合金钢埋弧焊焊丝
Submerged arc welding wires for carbon steel and low ally steel

33.     Z3352           碳钢和低合金钢埋弧焊焊剂
Submerged arc welding fluxes for carbon steel and low ally steel

34.     Z6746            等离子焊棒
Platis welding rods