China Welding Association (CWA) was founded in Beijing in May 1987. It is a nonprofit and independent organization that consists of welding-related enterprises and institution of production, trade, scientific research, education and training as well as plants where welding is considered a critical technology in China.

The highest organ of power of CWA is the Member Congress of CWA. The Member Congress should hold a meeting every 4 years according to the statute of CWA and New Governing Council will be voted and produced in this congress. The New Standing Council will be voted and produced in new Governing Council. At present there are 142 council members and 45 standing members in CWA.

China Welding Association (CWA) has more than 900 member units.

The secretariat of CWA is located in Harbin. CWA has already set up its branch office in Beijing, and the liaison offices in Shanghai and Dalian.


To advance welding technology;

To promote technique and management of welding production and increase economic benefit;

To play a role as a "Bridge" and "Link" between enterprises and the government;

To provide satisfying service for enterprises:

To assist the government with welding-related management work;


1)      To investigate, collect, and analyze the fundamental data and market requirement on welding industry. To put forward welding development plan and technique policy to the government and take part in welding-related activities;

2)      To offer and release welding-related economic and technological intelligence and market information; to help enterprises with its technological and management problems.

3)      To train professional personnel in different ways for enterprises, to enhance welding personnel’s skill and technical ability

4)      To carry out interchange activities of new technique, process, equipment and materials, sum up and spread the advanced achievements in scientific research and manage experience

5)      To check out homemade welding and cutting equipment, auxiliary equipment and tools and recommend name brand; 

6)      To organize professional manufacture and cooperation, expand the horizontal economic collaboration and promote the development and supply of the major equipment, test instruments and materials;

7)      To take part in the formulation of professional standards, cores and regulations and abide by them

8)      To expanse the cooperation and interchange in economy and technology with the corresponding organization at home and abroad;

9)      To recommend the government on the issue of importing major technology and welding equipment and cooperate with enterprises to digest it;

10)  To organize international and national welding exhibitionsshows and commodity fairs to make a channel between manufacture and consumer, and promote international and national technical and trade exchanges;

11)  To safeguard the member’s rights and interests; to actively point out the existing problems to government and offer sound solving approaches.

12)  To undertake other items trusted by government and communities.


CWA  Leaders:

President:   Zhang Delin

Former President: Lu Yansun

Chief adviser: Sun Yuding, Wang Zewan, Luo Qirong, An Xun

Vice president: Zhang Yanmin, Li Wenjian, wenSong Tianhu, Zhang Zhenyu,

Yu QianshengHuang Jinhe, Liu Baocheng, Yu Daquan,

Gao Zhaojie,

Secretary GeneralZhang Yanmin

Vice Secretary GeneralWang Linshu, Gao Zengfu, Piao Dongguang



     111 hexing Lu, Harbin 150080, P.R..China

Tel: +86 451 86340850

Fax: +86 451 86333949





Dalian liaison office


Shanghai liaison office


Pipeline welding committee


Automobile committee


Welding trade committee


Education and training committee


Welding auxiliary equipment and tool committee


Flame welding and cutting machine committee


Welding consumables committee


Welding equipment committee


Construction machinery and equipment committee


Machine tool committee


Metal construction committee


Shipbuilding committee


Industrial boiler committee


Power boiler and pressure vessel committee


Standing Council


Governing council


Member congress

 (Representation Assembly)


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