2004 International Forum on Welding Technologies (IFWT ˊ2004) Welding in Aviation and Space Industries
 November 11-13, 2004, Beijing, China

2nd Announcement



2004 International Forum on Welding Technology (IFWT ’2004-- Welding in Aviation and Space Industries) will be held from November 10th to 13th in Beijing. On behalf of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) and its Welding Institution, as the Chairman of the 2004 IFWT, I warmly welcome you and look forward to meet you in this coming event.


Steering Committee of the 2004 IFWT


Guan Qiao, Chairman




Nov. 10th, Wednesday              Registration          At the Lobby of Beijing Radisson SAS Hotel

                                                     Visit the Beijing Essen Welding Fair

Nov. 11th, Thursday

Morning Session                  Chairmen: Qiao GUAN, Ernest LEVERT

08:30        Opening

08:35        Trends in Research and Developments of the E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute in the Field of Welding and Strength of Aerospace Engineering Structures          

Paton Welding Institute                     B.E.PATON & L.M.LOBANOV

09:15                Development and Future of Welding & Joining Technology in China’s Aviation Industry

Beijing Aero. Mfg. Tech. Res. Institute         Yajun WANG

09:55                   Advanced Joining Techniques for the 21st Century

The Welding Institute                      Iain SMITH

10:35                   Tea Break

10:45                   State of Arts and New Developments of Welding Technology for the Space Industry

Harbin Institute of Technology               Lin WU

11:25                   Materials for the Aviation Industry in Future

Russian Institute of Aviation Materials         V. I. LUKHIN

12:00                   Lunch Time

Afternoon Session                                            Chairmen: Lin WU, L. M. LOBANOV

13:30                   Welding Research & Development of New Materials for Aviation Industry

Beijing Institute for Aviation Materials         Xiaohong LI

14:10                 Some Problems of Welding Mechanics in Manufacturing of Aerospace Plate & Shell Structure

Beijing Aero. Mfg. Tech. Res. Institute         Qiao Guan

14:50                   Welding of the International Space Station Thermal Control Units “Keeping Cool in Space”

American Welding Society                         Ernest LEVERT

15:30                   Tea Break

16:10                   State of Art and Trends of Welding Technology for the China’s Space Industry

Aerospace Res. Inst. Of Materials and Processing Technology  Keqin LI

16:50                   Welding Pool Convection under Microgravity and the Effect of Marangoni Convection on Weld Shape

Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, Japan  Hidetoshi FUJII

18:00                   “Aviation Evening”Reception of IFWT 2004   Sponsored by Beijing Aero. Mfg. Tech. Res. Institute

                                                      At Beijing Radisson SAS Hotel

Nov. 12th, Friday                       

Morning Session                  Chairmen: Yajun WANG, Iain SMITH                                                                                                                                                                            

08:30        Advance in Material Joining Technologies for Aerospace Applications

Edison Welding Institute                    Wangen LIN

09:10                   Benefits of Strong Focusability for Laser Welding

University of Stuttgart                      F. DAUSINGER

09:50                   Tea Break

10:00                Spot Welding Equipment, Technology and Quality Control with DC Intermediate Frequency Inverter Power Source

WTC/MEDAR Co.                                    Harry BISSELL

10:40                   Application of Arc Welding for Aerospace Industry

Beijing Polytechnic University                Shuyan YIN

11:20                   Application of DSP for Automation and Control of Welding Process

AMET Co.                                         Don Schwemmer

12:00                   Lunch Time

Afternoon Session                 Chairmen: Keqin LI, F. DAUSINGER

13:30        LaserHybrid Welding and LaserBrazing: State of the Art in Technology and Practice by the Examples of the Audi A8 and VW-Phaeton

Fronius International GmbH, Wels – Austria      Staufer Herbert

14:10                   Application of Advanced Welding Technologies for Manufacturing of Aviation Jet Engine

Shenyang Liming Aero Engine Co.             Jinghe WANG

14:50                    Measuring and Monitoring System for Arc Welding

Merkle Schweiβanlagen Technik GmbH         U. PRANK

15:30                   Tea Break

15:40                   Welding for Micro Structure

Shanghai Jiao Tong University                Yixiong WU

16:20                   Maintaining & Repairing the Blades for the Jet Engine

Singapore TOS Co.

17:00        Some Key Technologies for Welding Processes of Aluminum Alloy Structure

Changzheng Machinery Factory               Wanchun ZHANG

Nov. 13th, Saturday        

Morning          Technical Session at Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (BAMTRI) and Visit to Labs

08:00       Gathering in the Lobby of the Beijing Radisson SAS Hotel, departure for BAMTRI

09:00             Technical Session

Application of the High Energy Density Beam Technologies for Aviation Structures

Fangjun LIU

Application of Super- Plastic Forming/ Diffusion Bonding for Aerospace Industry

Zhiqiang LI

Research and Application of Active Flux Welding Technology

Delun GUO

Friction Stir Welding—the prospective technology for Aircraft manufacturing

Guohong LUAN

10:30             Visit

Key Lab for High Energy Density Beam Processing Technologies

Lab for Non-Conventional Welding Technologies

Lab for Super Plastic Forming/ Diffusion Bonding Technologies

Lab for Friction Stir Welding

12:00       Lunch Time

13:30                  Back to Hotel



During the whole period of the Forum, you will stay and meal at Beijing Radisson SAS Hotel.



China International Exhibition Center

Add: No. 6A, East Beisanhuan Road, Beijing

Tel: 010-64664433

It takes about 5mins to the Hotel on foot.


Beijing Radisson SAS Hotel

Add: No. 6A, East Beisanhuan Road, Beijing

Tel: 010-64576221

It takes about 40mins from Beijing Airport to the Hotel and costs about 70RMB by taxi.





The temperature of Beijing in November ranges from 4°C to 12°C, please prepare your winter clothes for the cold weather here.


The contact person is:


Ms. Jing WU

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), 46 Sanlihe Road, Beijing 100823, China

Tel: +86 10 6859 4821 / 6859 4819    Fax: +86 10 6853 3613

Email: wuj@cmes.org    kongxh@cmes.org


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