Second Announcement and Invitation

International Symposium on Computer-Aided Welding EngineeringCAWE’06

19-22 October, 2006, Jinan, China


Organized by:  The Institute for Material Joining of Shandong University, China

The Computer-Aided Welding Commission of Chinese Welding Society

The State Key Lab of Advanced Welding Production Technology at HIT

The Chinese Welding Society

Sponsored by:  The National Natural Science Foundation of China

               Shandong University


On behalf of the Chinese Welding Society and its Computer-Aided Welding Commission, I would like to cordially invite you to the International Symposium on Computer-Aided Welding Engineering (CAWE’06) to be held in Jinan, China on 19-22 October, 2006.

In the century of information technology, the extent and degree of computers’ application in welding science and engineering are expanding continuously so that a frontier of computer-aided welding engineering is formed. Large amount of creative R&D achievements are going on to emerge in the relevant areas. The CAWE’06 will provide a great opportunity for professors, researchers, engineers and other experts to exchange their research results and ideas in the field of computer-aided welding engineering. Furthermore, the CAWE’06 is a main activity to mark an important event, i.e., the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Computer-Aided Welding Commission of Chinese Welding Society.

We are also arranging some exciting social and tour programs that will allow the participants and accompanying persons to enjoy their stay in Jinan in the golden Autumn Season. You are warmly welcome to join us in this important conference in China.

                                            Sincerely yours,


Prof. C.S. Wu

                                            Chairman, Organizing Committee of CAWE’06




1.       Modeling and Simulation of Welding Processes;

2.       Sensing, Modeling and Control of Welding Process;

3.       Advanced Welding Technology and Automation;

4.       Robotic Welding and Process Quality Monitoring;

5.       Advanced Joining Process of Materials;

6.       Joint Quality Evaluation

7.       Welding Engineering Software.



    Keynote lectures and invited reports will be arranged to introduce the state of the arts and future of computer-aided welding engineering.

Symposium sessions will take place in the following fields: (A) Modeling and numerical simulation; (B) Sensing, monitoring, control and automation; (C) Application Software.



All registrants will be invited to join following social programs free of charge, while others can join by paying appropriate fees:

Welcome Party:  18:30-20:00, Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reception:      18:30-20:00, Friday, October 20, 2006

Banquet (with performance of folk songs and dances):  18:30-20:00, Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sight seeing tour:  Full day, Sunday, October 22, 2006

A special program will be arranged for accompany persons.



Regular participants:   USD 380

Students:            USD 220

Accompany persons:   USD 180

Registration fees allow entry to all sessions, welcome party, reception, banquet, meals, and sight-seeing tour.



CAWE’ 06 will be held at Shungeng Hillview Hotel, the five star vacation and conference hotel in Jinan. The organization committee has obtained a special preferential price for all CAWE’06 participants:


Room Type



Five star Twin-bed Room

USD 65

Inclusive of breakfast,

service charge and VAT

Four star Twin-bed Room

USD 40


Address: Shungeng Hillview Hotel , 28 Shungeng Road, Jinan ,250014,China

Tel: +86-531-82951818     

Fax: +86-531-82955288


Method of Reservation:

    To make hotel reservation, please complete the enclosed Hotel Reservation Form and mailed it to the CAWE’06 secretary no later than September 10, 2006. (The electronic version of the Hotel Reservation Form can be emailed if required. Please fill it and email it to the CAWE’06 Secretary.)



There are several direct flights every day from Beijing and Shanghai to Jinan city in Shandong Province. The participants could arrange their flight transfer at Beijing or Shanghai.

The venue of the CAWE’06 and hotel, Shungeng Hillview Hotel, is located 35 kilometers from the Jinan Airport.


Responsible Secretary:

Dr. Jinqiang Gao

Institute for Materials Joining

Shandong University

73 Jingshi Road

Jinan, 250061



Tel.+86-531-88395987            Fax+86-531-88392711



Welcome to Jinan!

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong Province on China’s east coast. It is situated like a gem between Mt. Taishan (the first of the “Five Sacred Mountains” in China) in the south and Yellow River (the soul of the Chinese Nation) to the north. Jinan enjoys the reputation of “the City of Springs” because there are many natural springs in the city. All the springs flow into the charming Daming Lake, and form the unique spring sight.

Jinan has a history of 2,600 years. It is named as the Famous Historical & Cultural City and one of Excellent Tourism Cities by the National Tourism Administration Board of China. It has, ever since ancient times, enjoyed the fame of “with lotus on four sides and willow on three sides, the city surrounded by hills and embellished by lake and springs”. In downtown region taking the City of Springs Square as center, there are three big scenic spots which are most famous over all the country, i.e., Baotu Springs, the Thousand-Buddha Mountain and Daming Lake. In the suburbs, there are over twenty places famous for its scenery or historical relics, and among them, the most fascinating spot is Red Leaves Valley. The valley, covering more than 2.7 square kilometers, is full of smoke trees, and in autumn the green leaves gradually change into light red, then bright red and finally dark red, which are like burning fire. The view can last more than one month.


The City of Springs Square

                    Baotu Spring

                    Red Leaves Valley

Mount Taishan, 50 km away from Jinan: Mount Taishan is the most famed of the five famous mountains in China and symbolizes the Chinese Spirit. Since the Qin Dynasty (221BC ~ 206 BC), Mount Taishan, as the royal object of cult, was the venue where past emperors used to worship Heaven and Earth. Countless literati have left inscriptions and steles there, giving it the reputation as "A Natural Museum of History and Art" of modern times.

Mount Taishan is the cradle of Chinese culture and the most magnificent mountain under heaven. With a height of 1,545 meters, its majesty and splendor is incomparable. It is mainly made up of natural sights as well as man-made sights. The intense grandeur from its mountainous bearing and spectacular breath-taking scenery exudes sheer elegance, profundity and immense vastness while touching on serenity merged with an air of mystery and tempestuous danger.

Qufu - Hometown of Confucius, 130 km away from Jinan: Qufu was the hometown of Confucius who was a greatest educator and philosopher( 551 BC-479 BC) in ancient China. The cultural influence of Confucius has been lasting till nowdays, which is not only dominant in China, but also in Japan, Korea, Viet Nam and Singapore et al. It forms the so called the value of eastern Asia.

The town of Qufu has three basic attractions: the Temple (built around the house that Confucius grew up in, the largest Confucian temple in the world), the "Confucian Forest" (the family cemetery where over 100,000 of Confucius' descendants are buried in the last 2500 years), and the Confucius Family Mansion where the descendants of Confucius lived a nobility.


                     Mo Spring