2003 High Temperature Brazing and Diffusion Welding Technique Seminar

Notice Soliciting Contributions (No.1)

Respectable experts:

2003 High Temperature Brazing and Diffusion Welding Technique Seminar, which has got the approval from the Chinese Welding Society (CWS) and a pass after a discussion between the director and vice-director of Brazing & Special Joint Commission of CWS, is going to be held in the near future. Concerning the impact of SARS, we decide to hold the seminar via Chinese Welding Information Network (www.china-weldnet.com). The details about the seminar are as follows:

1: Theme of the Seminar: High temperature brazing and diffusion welding technique.

  Main content:

A: Papers on high temperature brazing and diffusion welding technique.

B: Introduction of high temperature brazing aboard and domestic producing experience.

C: Introduction of new techniques and new productions.

D: Explanations and discussions on technical problems.

2: Timetable of the Seminar:

A: Date of registration: July 5-31, 2003

B: Date of soliciting contributions: July1-31, 2003

C: Date of the seminar: August 5-25 (precise schedule will be notified at another time)

3: Requests on the Contributions.

Authors are required to submit the electronic edition of the paper. The following items should be included:

A: Title.

B: Name of the author

C: The author¡¯s working place

D: Telephone number and E-mail address

E: Brief introduction of the first-author.

F: English and Chinese abstract and 3-5 keywords are needed in the experimental research papers.

G: Papers should be edited by Microsoft word and the letterform should be ¡°fangsong¡±. The size of the title, body and abstract (pictures, explanations and references are included) should be No.3, No. 4 and little No.4 respectively. Authors could consult the Transactions of the China Welding Institution on the taxis and makeup of the title.

H: There is no limitation on the length of the paper, but pictures and harts scanned into the paper are required to be interposed in a proper place.

I: Papers are not to be revised or edited in principle. Authors please censor the content and format of your work.

J: Contributors please register at www.china-weldnet.com during July 1-31 and submit your papers before July 31, 2003.

E-mail address: cwa@public.hr.hl.cn




4: Related Proceedings:

A: Form of the seminar: Internet seminar.

Attendees need to register (free of charge) and contribute papers in the set time period firstly and then read papers, raise questions, discuss them and solve them via internet.

B: Concerning copyright:

  Authorized by the secretariat of CWS, the conference administration group will number the received papers firstly and inform the authors as soon as possible so as to protect the copyright from being infringed. At the same time, a formal certificate with the seal of secretariat of CWS will be mailed back to the author. Those peculated papers no matter have been published at any publications, once spotted, would be withdraw in the name of CWS. Besides, the one who peculates will be investigated and affix responsibility according to related laws.

C: Famous experts and scholars in the welding circle will be invited to the seminar to form a learning committee to answer the technical questions raised in the seminar via internet. Conference administration group will take the job to mail back these answers to the questioners and similar questions will be put out on Chinese Welding Information Network (www.china-weldnet.com).

D: Excellent paper selection will base on the nomination of the Learning Committee and the times that the paper has been read. CWS will recommend excellent research papers to be published on Transactions of the China Welding Institution and those which can direct actual manufacture will be published on Welding and Joining magazine.

E: Attendees (including contributors and non-contributors) please register in time and give your true names and email addresses. The passwords would be sent to your emails. The registered name and password will help you enter the seminar column to read papers and take part in discussions.

F: NO.1 seminar notice (this one) will be put out by email and snail-mail but only email in the near future. Anyone who receives this notice please email back for confirmation. Conference administration group will contact you on your email only.

G: The deadline of contribution is July 31, 2003


5: Host and Undertake Unit of the Seminar:

  Host Unit: Chinese Welding Society of CMES

          Brazing &Special Joint Commission of CWS

  Undertake Unit: Secretariat of CWS &CWA

               National Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding Production Technology of HIT

  Experts Committee: LingShangyan WuLin  QianYiyu,  FengJicai  GaoZengfu  FangHongyuan  XueSongbo  LiXiaohong  HuangJIhua  WuAiping

Conference Administration Group: DuMiao   ChangFenghua   LiAiming

                                 HePeng   LiZhuoran


Telephone: 0451-86311750 (secretariat of CWA), 0451-86418146 (HIT)

Fax: 0451-86333949 (secretariat of CWA), 0451-8641816 (HIT)

E-mail: cwa@china-weldnet.com





                                          Chinese Welding Society of CMES

                                          Brazing &Special Joint Commission of CWS

                                          June 26, 2003