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«Advanced technologies and development of a welding science and practice»








20th -21st of May 2010


The general information

      St.-Petersburg – northern capital of Russia, a city with huge scientifically-industrial potential, occupies one of in the lead positions in the country on rates of industrial production. Here the enterprises of  leading industries are concentrated: shipbuilding, power mechanical engineering, automobile  industry, transport.

During the second year in St.-Petersburg the complex program of actions for realisation of an innovative policy and industry modernisation operates. Its major directions are: introductions of high technologies and the equipment, preparation and retraining of personnel, creation of is standard-legal base, assistance in realisation of an innovative product for export, and also the program of investments at regional and federal level. So to the middle of 2010 investments into development and introduction of nanotechnology in industrial production will make more than 1,5 billion roubles.

 The decision of questions improvement of a production quality of the industry is impossible without introduction in manufacture of innovative welding technologies, the equipment and materials on the basis of achievements fundamental and applied science.

      The Conference on problems of innovative development in the welding industry will take place in St.-Petersburg, during the international exhibition "Welding-2010", on May, 19-21th 2010 in the Expocentre "Lenexpo". On the conferences carrying out of plenary sessions, round tables on actual problems of welding manufacture, and also the cultural program for participants is planned.

Conference subjects

    The Advanced and improved traditional welding processes;

      Automation, robots and positioning systems;

      Diagnostics and not destroying quality monitoring of welded components and designs;

    The welding equipment;

      Welding materials;



      Certification, certification and standardization in welding manufacture;

    Quality assurance of welded designs, diagnostics, a resource;

      Ecology of welding manufacture.


The international scientific committee:

Dr.Sci.Tech. I.V. academician Gorynin (Russia) , The central research institute of structural materials "Prometey"

Dr.Sci.Tech. V.D.Gorbach (Russia) , Corparation SSTC

Dr.Sci.Tech. academician L.M.Lobanov (Ukraine), E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute

Doctor K. Middeldorf (Germany), DVS / German welding society /

Doctor P. Seiffarth (Germany), IMG GmbH, Germany

Doctor D.von Hofe (Germany), DVS / German welding society /

Dr.Sci.Tech. V.V. Bashenko (Russia), St.Petersburg’  State Polytechnic University

Dr.Sci.Tech. O.I.Steklov (Russia) , RNTSO

Dr.Sci.Tech. G.A.Turichin (Russia), St.Petersburg  State Polytechnic University

Dr.Sci.Tech. V.A.Kazakov (Russia) Magazine «Welding manufacture»

Engineer A.V.Baranov (Russia) , The central research institute of structural materials "Prometey"

Dr.Sci.Tech. M.V.Karasev (Russia) , NPF "ITS"

Dr.Sci.Tech. J.M.Belov (Russia) , «Pilot-production plant of electrode»

Dr.Sci.Tech. Z.A.Sidlin (Russia) , “Techprom”

Dr.Sci.Tech. Mironov V. A (Latvia) , The Riga’ Technological University

Engineer A. Zorzetto (Italy), Sol Welding

Dr.Sci.Tech. F. Lezzi (Italy) IIS / Italian welding institute

Cand.Tech.Sci. J.S.Korjukaev (Russia) , JSC "SOVPLIM"

Dr.Sci.Tech. A.F.Iljushchenko (Belarus) ,«Concern of powder metallurgy»


Representation of reports

To receive the current information on conference is possible on WEB-sites:



Participation in conference

    The Registration payment for one participant with the advertising report – 15 100 rbl. *

    The Registration payment for one participant without the report - 6 240 rbl. *

      Correspondence participation – the publication of theses in the Collection - 3 500 rbl. *

*taxes is included

Official language

Russian and English


      Application form for participation Granting (by mail, to a fax, an e-mail)                      Till 16.03.2010

      Granting of theses of reports (in electronic form)                  Till 16.03.2010

      Payment of participation and services                                            Till 16.04.2010

      Registration of participants                                  19.05.2010 from 10-00 till

      Conference Opening                                     20.05.2010 at 10-00

      Conference Closing                                            21.05.2010


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